Cambridgeshire based Barry Watson spends the majority of his time writing about music and technology. When not doing this, he can often be found on main stages of leading festivals and private events with the ever-busy Stumpy Oak ceilidh band and duo Erin Brown & Barry Watson. Recording and production are enduring passions, spurred on by a period working an an Audio Associate at the prestigious Banff Centre in Canada, producing work for rock, jazz and classical artists. To ensure there's no chance of thumb twiddling, Barry manages bands and events as director of the Ceilidh Network music agency.

Recording & production

Recording, production, mixing and mastering. Specialising in acoustic music, spatial/surround audio and use of natural acoustics to get the most authentic sound. I have access to a hall, a wide selection of microphones, plus a mixing/mastering suite at home.

Performance & session work

I play piano/keys, accordions, Irish whistles, bouzouki, acoustic guitar and flute. I've performed with Stumpy Oak, Erin Brown & Barry Watson, The Jen Ord Trio, Cotter & Watson, plus guest appearances with Crafting With Foes. Remote studio recording sessions a speciality - send me your recording project and I can add some tasteful extra parts!

Writing & education

I write, coordinate and edit reviews for MusicTech and formerly wrote for Sound on Sound magazine. I taught at degree level during a period of research into spatial audio, but spent the majority of my 23 years of teaching delivering A level Music Technology and Music in a leading Cambridge college. I'm a senior examiner for Music Technology A level and subject specialist for two further qualifications.

Band/events management

I co-run an agency for folk musicians, helping to develop a custom events management system, associated contracting/safety and insurance procedures and SEO strategies. I manage my own ceilidh band, taking care of all booking details, contracting, press, publicity and web.